Subcontractor work

Dear all,

when is an record is show to this form?

ive been trying to make subcon production order with type = vendor, bom line type = vendor and workcentre with type = vendor. but theres no record are shown. ive already read the production series2 which explain how to make subcontract, but after reading it makes me confuse even more

Have you set the Vendor in the Bom line the same as the work center vendor? I believe for partial subcontracting the Route type for the subcontracted operation in the route should be of type Vendor as well.

hi fabricio,

in production order, i set the type = vendor.

in bom line, i set the bom type = vendor.

in routing, i set the work centre = vendor,

is there anything i miss?


Hi all,

I’m with same problem.

Does anyone know if it is a bug AX?


Murilo Oliveira

So you have comfigured a BOM, raised an order, created teh sub-con PO and it is not appearing in the form? You have not stated your version.

Hi Wienzzz,

I found out because the production order was not appearing in the form Subcontractor Work.

For the production order appears on this form. You must have an item in the BOM with the Line Type as ‘Supplier’ and the item must be Service.

best regards,

Murilo Oliveira