Subcontractor work in production order

I have a requirement here which needs to ship the raw material(Material A) to the supplier, the supplier will send it(Material B) back when they finish processing it(suppose they paint the raw material A and send it back as B).

what we would like is tracking the items numbers sent to the supplier and the inventory changes, (the cost of shipping is not considdered at the moment).

Yes that is pretty standard, a vendor operation, issue the BOM components from teh supplier warehouse, configure it to transfer the components to the supplier warehouse or manually do it. Receive PO for services, complete production. Pretty standard, discussed a lot on here and AX does that.

Hi Adam,

can you please leave the detailed step to me? many thanks.


Hope the below blog may be useful for AX 2012 Subcontracting.


As well as blogs the manuals used to have labs and walk throughs for this.

Hi Adam

It’s not just buy the service or product from the vendor, is it possible to track the process for sending the raw material to the vendor and receive the finished semi-product from them ?

Yes, you transfer raw material out with the configuration of a vendor warehouse. The “receipt” is for a service, you can receive it in as an item and then consume it later in the process, but in reality you are paying for the service - the items are yours with value add.