Hi,Can some body help in how should I set up AX version4 to get following scenario: We buy some material from a company A. So a purchase order is raised as normal. Cost is per 1000kg This material goes from A to a company B for Grinding, where they grind the material to our specification. (a purchase order is raised here as well) Cost is per 1000kg When the material is ground, it then comes into our factory. I assume that the order placed for the grinding of the material should a “service” item? The main questions I have are: 1. How do we set up the purchase orders to ensure that all costs are passed to the material? 2. How do we book the material into AX Branston stock.?

A purchase order for the material from A. Presumably with a delivery address of B. Book the stock into a warehouse representing B. Raise a purchase order on B for the service. Use miscellaneous charges if you want to uplift the inventory cost. When the stock arrives move it by transfer from B to your own stock. It does not really fit into sub-contracting. You could raise a production order for an item with the original as a sub-component and produce the elemets through the standard processing, but it would be overkill in my opinion.