Subcontracting Without Production Module


One of our clients’ requirements is to convert one Item into 2 different items. The scenario as follows:

I have procured 1 meter leather belt (“Item number is X”) from vendor “V1”, once the item receive on our warehouse we will send the same item to another vendor “V2” for cutting into two pieces. The same item will be returned as two different items i.e. “Y” & “Z” with different size and quantities. In this example let’s say the quantity of “Y” is 70 Centimeter and the quantity of “Z” is 30 Centimeter.

Now if you look into the Quantity on Hand of Item “X” will be ZERO.

How can I achieve this in AX-2009 ? Kindly share your thoughts and any one faced the same issue. Thanks in advance and looking for the reply.

PS: Every time the item number “X” will be converted as “Y” & “Z”.


Sajeesh K A