Subcontracting with Inter-company

Hi All,

My client use NAV2009 R2 W1+ Manufacturing

Subcontracting with Inter-company;

Company A & company B

Sales order place in company A–> Run planning worksheet 1* → Planned orders 2* → Released orders–> Calculate subcontracting–> Create inter-company purchase order–>Send to company B through IC partner → Receive Sales order from company A and so on.

At the planning stage of company A (Stage 1* or 2*) client want to see how it will plan in company B also.

Do you know the way to do it ?

Can we use simulated production orders for that?

is this called consolidated scheduling ?

Highly appreciate your comments on that.[:)]


There is no automated process to consolidate the planning process for 2 companies into Dynamics NAV.

One solution is to use production forecast into Company B to have a visibility of what comes from company A.