Subcontracting - Qty. per unit of measure

I have a question. I have a subcontracting workcenter in Navision 3.60A. When I calculate the subcontracts from the Subcontracting Worksheet, the Qty. per Unit of Measure field’s value is set to zero(0) in the Requistion Line record that’s created. Does anyone know why this was done? What I’m referring to is in the code of the report “Calculate Subcontracts”. I’d appreciate it if someone can answer this. Thanks

Is the unit cost calculation of the Work Center units ?

I tried it with both units and also time as cost calculation of the work center. But the same behaviour persists. Any ideas? Thanks

Qty is 0 to avoid double incoming order qty in Item availability (as in previous version) e.g. +10 for Production Order and +10 for Subcontracting Order. The problem is that now you cannot use item tracking on subcontracting order and, if i remember well, there are also problem in reservation entries and also in item entries if the subcontracting operation is the last of your routing.