Subcontracting Purchase Orders

Hello I am having a problem with Subcontracting puchase orders. What I mean by subcontracting purchase orders is purchase orders that are tied direct to a production order. When the Purchase order is received the G/L is impacted as well as the production order. If the purchase order was not a subcontracting PO the G/L is not impacted until we pay the invoice. The problem that I am having is if the subcontracting PO has more than one line item and we receive more the one line item at the same time the correct GL entries are not being made. The job ledger reflects the the multiply receipts, but the GL does not. Any ideas??? Thank-you in advance for any help

The journal postings will not occur until the production order is closed. This is a know problem and has been reported to a/s. This is an especially nasty problem where standard cost is used. Allen Beck President Beck Consulting Alameda, CA & Bellevue, WA 800-456-8474