Subcontracting operations

Hi Guys! I need some help. I have a FG , Item ABC PBOM of ABC: 1 unit of Item A ( Produced outside) 1 unit of Item B ( Produced} 1 unit of Item C ( purchased) Routing of Item ABC: Parallel type Op NextOP MC Run Time 10 20|30|40 Dummy 0 20 50 100 1hr 30 50 200 1hr 40 50 300 1hr 50 Dummy 0 PBOM of Item B: 1 unit of item B1 1 unit of Item B2 1 unit of Item B3 PBOM of Item A: 1 unit of Item A1 1 unit of Item A2 Item A1 and Item A2 are sent outside to a subcontractor. Routing of Item A: 0p WC RunTime MoveTime 10 OUTSIDE 0 280min On the work center card of Outside labor: Direct unit cost= .165$ Unit cost calculation = Units. Sucontracto no= Vendor MQ100. Scenario: I sent Item A1 and Item A2 outside to a subcontractor. He brings back to me Item A that I need to continue my production. Labor costs me 0.165$. I need to follow all my costs outside and inside but when running my subcontracting workshhet nothing appears. My questions are: 1. How can I generate PO to my vendor with Item A from my subcontracting worksheet?? 2. How can I remove inventory of Item A1 and Item A2 from the stock before sending Item A to the subcontracto?? Thanks to help me. I tried many things but nothing works so I need your help for the set up and Processes.

Hi Tatiana, 1. You have to specify the vendor no into the work center, that used by item A. Then, you can generate PO through subcontracting worksheet. 2. This is manual step, where Navision will not decrease inventory level through subcontracting worksheet. You have to using comsumption journal to reduce it, before/after subcontracting worksheet.

Hi Tatiana Assuming that the work centres are set-up correctly for sub-contracting, which it looks like you have from what you have said, then all you have to do is release the production order to generate the requirement - then you can calculate the subcontracting requirements in the subcontracting worksheet. The description is for the physical process, rather than the item, as standard, so you may need to modify this to bring each item forward (presumably with a description of the process). The reduction of Item A and Item B can be achieved by adding an operation in front of your OUTSIDE process for the withdrawal of the items from stores. Then using routing link codes, flushing methods etc, the downdating of stock would occur on the completion of the withdrawal operation.

Hi, As Jee said, Mention PO number in the Work Cneter card. For consumption posting, You can do it either manually or Give a Routing Link code to the Operation and keep the backflushing as forward in the Item cards of the components of item a. Attach the routing Link code to the Subcontracting Opeartion. Regards, DD

Just so you are aware, the unit cost of the purchase order is posted to the production order at the time of the purchase order receipt rather than the purchase order invoicing. Additionally, as in your example, if the subcontractor step is the last operation on the routing and the purchase order is received and invoiced, the program will automatically record the parent item on the production order is finished. Therefore if you have not recorded time time from the earlier operations in the output journal, you will not be able to explode the routing.

Thanks guys. It works well now. However, when I try to use warehouse mgt to receive my goods, I’m not able to populate lines from the PO ( using ‘Get source documents’). So any clue??? I dont want to disable the WM settings as my customer receive and ship everthing through WM.

Hi Tatiana What message to you get using source documents - or do you just not see the PO?

Hi Steven This is the message that I get" There are no warehouse receipty line created " when I choose the PO in my list. thanks.

HI Tatiana I cannot get into the worldwide Navision support database, but I am sure this is down to the different way a purchase order is treated when it is a subcontracted item. In essence a standard PO is an item, but a subcontracted item is a process and not an item, although it actually is an item (if you see what I mean[:D]). So as the PO is for a process you cannot receive it into the WMS! I have a feeling this is a known issue, but cannot confirm or deny it! Sorry [:(] Have you tried it in 3.70?

No,I didnt try it in 3.7 as My customer is using 3.6. I understand your point but Receiving is one area in this company. I will then try to receive all Subcontracted goods directly from the PO. I hope it will works even if WM is “ON” because I cant change my settings as soon as something from a subcontracting comes in. Thanks

Steven is right. It is a known issue and has been reported twice now. However no fix is provided.

So If I understand well what you said Nav, I have to work without WM when doing subcontracting??

Yes. No official fix is available. You or any NSC would have to do the modification to make it work.