Subcontract Worksheet


What would stop the subcontract worksheet showing the expected subcontract ops when the Calculate button is pressed?

I have created the Production Order via the Sales Order → Create Production Order

I changed the status to released

I used Order Planning to create the Material Purchase Order

Operations 60 and 80 on the production order are subcontract ops (having a vendor number in the work center).

I have even used the output journal for produce output for operations 10 - 50

but still no subcontract purchase orders after pressing calculate in the subcontract worksheet.

Is there something else that I need to check ?


Dave K

Oh, I also received the material stock and consumed it for op 10

I have noticed that I my subcontract ops are down as Forward flushing while my Material is Manual. Could this be the cause?

is Subcontracting ticked on vendor master, location and item Master.

And on Work center you need to specify the Vendor.

The work center has the vendor specified. I am not sure what you mean about the ticks though. Could you clarify?


Dave K.

It has posted ops 60 and 80 (the subcontract ops) into Capacity Ledger entries with the output quantities but subcontracting worksheet shows nothing and there are no purchase orders raised !

Why does it post to the capacity ledger as soon as a released Production Order has been made from a sales order ?

Is it because I am not using Planning Worksheet to generate the production order ?
(I am using Planning from the Sales Order card to generate the Production Order).

Please - any clues?

Dave K

I have tried using the Planning Work sheet and it is still the same. Nothing on the subcontract worksheet but it posts to the capacity ledger.

I must say that this is my only worry with NAV, that it can suddenly do things like this with little explanation. Luckily we haven’t gone live yet, but this needs to be sorted before we do.

you need to check mark the boolean fields on the masters

Which boolean fields? (I am using NAV 21013)

The documentation says that the Prod order routing op needs to use a work center that has a subcontractor ID (Vendor) and the Production Order must be Released.

I can’t see any of these bool fields that you mention and I have never heard of them in the documentation.

Please can you be more specific?


Dave K.

I was able to use the subcontract worksheet,

but now that I am using WMS (advanced warehouse) with locations etc. subcontract worksheet is not working.

Perhaps it is the WMS ?

Do I need to do anything else to get it working with WMS ?


Dave K

Its there in the Indian Version:

On vendor card there is a field Subcontractor, on item Master there is a field called Subcontracting and on Location Master there is a field called Subcontracting location

Then on Work center you need to Specify the Vendor(Subcontractor no) and the same has to be used in Routing.

I am using the English version. I guess it’s different.

Thanks anyway.

Any other ideas?

Dave K

Found it !!!

Work centre Flushing method was forward and should have been manual like all of my Items.

setting all to manual (using some C/AL) made it all work again. Huzzahhh !