subcontract module


when iam updating in routeoprtable the following errors occurs;

Cannot edit a record in Operation relation (RouteOpr).
The operation cannot be completed, since the record was not selected for update. Remember TTSBEGIN/TTSCOMMIT as well as the FORUPDATE clause.

iam updating datas from prodroutetable to routeoprtable for subcontract task in routeinvendprod form.

pls give some ideas

That sort of error is generally caused by a related modification, I suggest you get a developer to debug it.

Hello Dhinu,

The error indicates that the records of a table are being to tried to get updated but there is syntactical error in the code doing this task. For the updation of a record of any table the record should be selected for updating it as well as the updation (insertion or deletion) should be inside the ttsbegin/ttscommit block.

Just use the debugger to trace the code causing this error and correct it by doing the record updation correctly.