Subcontract issue

Hi all,

I tried to work out the subcontract in Navision, but get a question when creating the related PO.

Our company usually subcontract the color spraying process, say sending 100 items and 5KG of color pigment to the subcontractor, and in return 100 color sprayed items with a total amount invoiced.

But when I generated the PO, the 100 items are listed and no way to put a total on the cost. Should I consider item charge or any other method?

Thanks in advance.

How have you set this up?

Are you using a production order with a routing for the sub-contracting going through a sub-contracting work centre?

Yes, with subcontract work center.

I am not sure without looking at teh system how this would work, but you should be buying a service and the cost of the work centre defines this from the routing.

Can you define the work centre, routing and BOM settings if they are not too complex, and how you are generating the purchase order, and then what it is showing - 100 items that you free issue or the service?

I checked the system setting once, and I believe this problem is related to subcontract work center. I forget to define the “Unit Cost Calculation” to “Units”.

But get another question. Location mandatory and require receive, pick are set for the location. When I try to use either Receive on PO, or Create Whse. Receipt, both cannot help to receive any goods?

CAn anyone help me out in creating subcontractor po