subcontract direct cost : incorrect

there is a item which standard cost is 35.85. It consist of subcontract unit cost 6.07 and BOM item unit cost 29.78. now there is a released production order to produce the item. I use subcontracting worksheet to calculate subcontract for the production order. After the calculation, the direct unit cost is 0.4233, but not 6.07. In my opinion, it should be 6.07. any ideas? i am looking forward to any help

Hi What is your unit cost and unit cost calculation on the subcontracting work centre, not to mention the quantity you are producing or the time per quantity on the routing? A good a place as any to start!

the production BOM consists of: Item A: unit cost 28.09 qty per 1 Item B: unit cost 3.39 qty per 0.5 the routing unit cost is 6.07 28.09+3.39*0.5+6.07 = 35.85, it is the standard cost.

Hi PH You did not answer my question [:)]! The routing will go through a sub contracting work centre. This work centre will have the two settings described above - what values do they contain?

hi, i have solved it. it was caused by the error unit setup of work center. :frowning: