Subcontract costs-Std Cost Environment

We (think) we finally figured out how to have subcontract costs roll up and be included in the cost of an assembly; Is there any report that shows both the BOM and the Routing so Cost Accounting can get the full picture on the how the elements of cost were derived? If anyone out there has any experience on this subject, or using or analyzing cost variences per work order, please contact me.

Hi, Standard Navision has two standard reports “Rolled-up Cost Shares” and “Single-level Cost Shares”. Normally it is not enough for Cost Accountants but you solution center will be able to modify them for your needs. Analyzing Cost Variances is much more complicated task. Your ability to analyze them will depend mostly on how you capture real productions cost. As example if you backflash materials your material variance can be captured only during physical inventory on G/L level. If you use Activity Based Costing you will be able to analyze cost variances on very detail level but most likely it will take a lot of time to enter such information to the system (unless you have Automatic Time/Material capturing system on your factory)

The Reporting Tools is very Poor in Navision they are not user friendly . All you need to do is just develop a Report with the fields you need . As long as the Data’s are captured in your db u can develop your Reports. i would like to tell u that Report making in Navision is really funny . may be you can attach your db profile to some user friendly 3rd party tools and develop Reports very easily according to you management need .

Try the Detailed Calculation or the Production Order Detailed Calculation. Both of these reports show the individual routes and components and their costs. Also Production Order Statistics.

The detailed Calculation (99000756) is really quite nice, and is an aid to cost accounting as they prepare our new fiscal year costs. Thanks!