Subclass of RunbaseReport

I’m using a class inherited from RunbaseReport to collect my parameters for a report. My report uses a pretty complex query with a bunch of datasources. I noticed that a “group” is added on my dialog (runbasereport subclass) for every table used. My question is what can i do to prevent that. ie I want to show groups i want to show and not all of them indisicriminately. Please help if you can.

Hi, That happens because of the tree structure of the datasources which are related one to each other. These are automatically processed by the core of RunBase. A method to bypass this: Delete the query of your report, and create a new query, identical, in AOT (Queries node). Then on the report create a query that uses all the prevoious datasources, but not in a tree structure, but on the same level. Then set the ranges you want to display, on each datasource in report. In the init method of the report read the report’s query ranges to get the user input, and also create a new query based on the AOT query you created (with arborescent datasources). Set this second query with the proper ranges you read previously. Then overwrite the fetch() method of the report and use the builed query to retrieve records, instead of the report’s query. Hope this helps. Ciprian

Thank you! I’ll try that.