Subassembly in Routing

Can Anybody tell me, whats the role of SubAssembly in Routing ??

Please Explain me in Detail[;)]

I W’d Appreciate if Anybody can Answer this

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Navision help: … items that are both a BOM and a component in another BOM. In CRONUS: you have an own BOM for 1 piece for bulding a wheel for a bycycle. On the other hand, this wheel goes as a component into the BOM for the finished bycycle with a quantity of 2 .

Can you please put this into context? A subassembly in the routing would be called at a certain step/operation, but would be within the Bill of material as either an item or a BOM themselved. Difficult to answer as your question is not specific really.

Ok. I want to inspect the sucontracted material.So I added one Operation in the Routing as inspection and added one subassemby for that.

Is this the right way??

Is there anyway to generate inspection Datasheet for the subcontracted material???



The inspection would be an operation, if you have set up subcontracting correctly you would also have a purchase order flowing through normal processes.

However there is no standard quality elements to the software.

I also still do not understand the “added one subassembly” line. You push a service to a sub contract workcentre - have you read the sub contracting elements to the production manual?

Also if you are in India there is, I think from other posts, a different sub contracting element? So if you are there then you need to post this question in the localisation forum.