Sub menu rights error

I’ve created a sub menu for our add-on and integrated it in the main menu (form 330). My problem is that we want to use this database with all our customers, also the ones that didn’t buy the add-on. This prevents problems when a customer decides to buy the add-on at al later time. This all sounds logical in my point of view, but when the database is opened with a license that does not contain the add-on, I get an error message that I don’t have “Executions right for the XXX form”, which is the sub menu I created.[V] Is there a way to prevent this error, other than removing the sub menu from form 330?[?] I.e. setting properties like permissions, or inserting it in a config file so that it overrides the license rights?

I’m sorry to disagree, but it makes absolutely no sense to force a Customer that didn’t buy an add-on to have the Sub-Menu for it hanging around in his application Main Menu! If, nevertheless, you want to use your solution, there will be no other way but to include the Sub-Menu Form in all of your Customers licenses… [xx(]

and there is no workaraound possible for this case ! because : all subforms will be loaded in the OnInit Trigger and they are only unvisible. So licence management check this an will do an error. Posibility : create an own main-form und use a button an form 330 which will not appear if licence isn’t enough