Sub Dimension Values

The Dimensional Values have the ability to be categorised into sub dimensions. When you read the help it seems like all dimensional values between a begin total and end total are to act like sub dimensional values totalling up to the end total dimensional value. Testing feature does not seem to be working in Attain 3.01b. We created a dimensional value 10 - Maintenance Begin total and sub dimensions : 20 - Parking Maintenance Standard 30 - Security Maintenance Standard 40 - Total Maintenance End Total. Then posted transactions to some COA accounts with the dimensional value of 20 and 30. According to the help when we filter on the dimension value for 40 the total for dimensional values 20 & 30 should show up. But it does not do that. If you filter by 40 the values in the COA are blank. My questions are: Do sub dimensional values work? If so how do we make it work? Do we need to make any code modifications. Thanks, Anu N.Anu

Do you have a 10 - Maintenance. After inserting that, you need to do a Function - Indent. (That will automaticly set the formula for the end-total! //Henrik Helgesen -: KISS::Keep it Simple, Stupid :-