Sub Dimension Values

The Dimensional Values have the ability to be categorised into sub dimensions. When you read the help it seems like all dimensional values between a begin total and end total are to act like sub dimensional values totalling up to the end total dimensional value. Testing feature does not seem to be working in Attain 3.01b. We created a dimensional value 10 - Maintenance Begin total and sub dimensions : 20 - Parking Maintenance Standard 30 - Security Maintenance Standard 40 - Total Maintenance End Total. Then posted transactions to some COA accounts with the dimensional value of 20 and 30. According to the help when we filter on the dimension value for 40 the total for dimensional values 20 & 30 should show up. But it does not do that. If you filter by 40 the values in the COA are blank. My questions are: Do sub dimensional values work? If so how do we make it work? Thanks, Anu N.Anu

Hi Anu, The dimension 20 and 30 are of the posting type where you can post using these dimensions (sub-dimensions). You cannot use this in the COA directly by having the flow filter. If you have to use these you must generate an Analysis View code and then run the Analyses by Dimension screen to see the filtering on the End total. Also you can generate a report called dimension detail, in the GL reports so you can see the breakup of the main dimension. Thnx, Best regards, Prashanth NCFC, NCMC, NCSD

Hi Prashant, Thanks for the input. I had one more question. Do you envision a problem if instead of numbers, alphanumeric characters are used to identify the dimension values? Just wanted to confirm on that before I wnet ahead and created the subdimensional values. Thanks, Anu N.Anu

HI Anu, There is no problem in having the aplhanumeric dimension values or having numeric. THe only argument here would be is comfortable with alphanumeric code. As if he is a finance user then he may have to use the normal key board and not the numeric keypad. (this is prefered). Thnx, Best regards, Prashanth NCFC, NCMC, NCSD

a word of caution though, when using dimensions. make sure you control your dimensions well, because dimensions are something that is very dynamic and flexible, you must enforce controls on the data entry of the users. one mroe thing, try to avoid special characters in your naming of dimensions. i have came across the analysis views being not able to analyse dimensions with ‘&’ i am not too sure about the others, but the auto-posting of dimensions does not auto-post when you are running the post inventory cost periodic activity. i am not too sure about other posting periodic activities though…