sub contracting, item tracking

In 3.6 manufacturing no problem creating purchase orders via sub-contract worksheet. On receipts of items system requests a lot number which is correct when going to line and item tracking line entering lot number causes error “Qty(base)must not be 0 in pur line doc”. If drill on sub contractor worksheet or p/o line, shows Qty base of 0 and a qty per unit of measure of 0. Not sure if it is a setup problem or bug in system any advice on problem would be appreciated

Hi Dave Not to say you are asking for trouble but serial/lot numbers, manufacturing and subcontracting - surprised you did not throw in WMS for the fun of it!! I have set this up in 3.60 and I receive the error message you do. I have further tried this in 3.70 and more significantly you receive a different message “You cannot define item tracking on this line because it is linked to a production order” naturally you cannot receive it in because you have to define the item tracking entries if the item is flagged in this manner. Commonly known as Catch 22 [:D] This was a known bug in version 3.10 as defined in Navision Attain DE-788-991-UGL6. It seems they have resolved this in version 3.70 by side stepping the issue slightly.


It should not be possible to define Item Tracking on a subcontracted purchase order line; this line does not represent any supply in itself and thus cannot carry item tracking. The item tracking will be defined on the production order and should be handled there.

I suggest, if at all possible from a business process perspective you redefine your processing (although I doubt if serial/lot tracking is involved you will be able to). The other option is to modify the system [:(!] assuming of course you disagree with the stance quoted above. further changes have been made to the code in 3.70 that you maybe interested in:


On T39 an error statement has been added that will notify the user if he/she tries to open the item tracking form. In CU6500 the procedure RetrieveSubcontrItemTracking has been added. This procedure will be called internally by the main procedure RetrieveItemTracking when a subcontracted line is handled and will ensure that it is the item tracking on the related production order that will be transferred during posting of output. In CU22 the initial check of item tracking is no longer performed when dealing with subcontracting. Instead an extra check is made especially for subcontracting later on. In order to to avoid redundant code the check has been moved to an internal procedure CheckItemTracking.

I hope this helps [:D]

Hi, You can get a work around solution by creating a dummny final operation, which you can, for example, name as End. The operation involving the sub-contracting workcenter happens to be last but one and the purchase Order created against that operation can be posted without assigning any serial or lot numbers. Later, while posting the last dummy operation through Output journal, you can assign the Serial Numbers and/or Lot numbers as per your requirements. This way you would be able to assign the Serial Numbers/Lot Numbers and also account the subcontracting cost. Kashinath.