Style Sheet


Has someone implemented Style Sheet for RTC Client (For Example Page)???

And an other question, has someone implemented Style Sheet in order to use it for more livel???

Now in Style Sheet, you are able to declare only one Base record :

→ Sales Header (Base Record)
→ Sales Line

But if i must implement follow structure ??

→ Sales Header
→ Sales Line
→ Sales Comment Line

Someone can help me?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Federico,

Last week I started with the tool on as I wanted to create some examples for a RTC demo. I did get it work for RTC!

As I was considering to write some blog on this I am now browsing through various posts and stumbled across yours. I have no clear cut answer to your query, but I came across this NAV team blogs of which this one might be of help to you: Style Sheet Tool Extended. The codeunit attached to that post should give the tool “ability to export several tables with multiple records”.