Style Property on Pages

I have a client that wants to change the format of the style property on a page. They would like it to be bold, red text, and not italicized. (Currently, the Attention is red and italic, and unfavorable is red, bold and italic. I have scoured the internet, and have not run across any possible solutions, so this was my last effort before telling them it is not possible.

Any ideas where the style property values are set, and if we would be able to modify them?

You can only choose of the existing options.

If that isn’t enough, you have to develop an addin for custom view of your list / card!

So how would one build a custom add-on like this? The client wants it to apply to all pages.

This is not possible.

I have worked with a colleague on a similar solution an I can tell you what we found out.

First of all, we designed a addin, which can change, color, background and so on, for every page with the type “card / document”. It was not possible to change the behaviour of list pages (it was nav 2009, maybe the world is different now). Also we designed a little admin tool, which shows all available card, document pages and publish a function, which export the object as txt, added the necessary code for the addin and then import back to nav.

This should be possible!

If you want to build such an addin, you have to keep in mind the following:

  • you need someone, who knows .NET / c# / java

  • you have to design your addin in java, if you want to run it in the web client

  • you have to check, if the list&listpart/listplus/worksheet limitation still exists

  • you have to use the dlls of microsoft (in client folder) to modify the behaviour of the look and feel

Here you can see, that this has worked for us:

best regards


Hi Robert,

I have been working on creating a DLL with C# code, and have had minimal success. I was wondering how you were able to change the font color? I have tried textBox.ForeColor = Color.Red; and it did not change. I was able to change the font properties , such as size and style.

Would you also have any ideas on how to make the changes made by the DLL conditional? My client basically wants it to act like the Style and StyleExpr properties, but doesn’t like the defaults.


Hi Tonya,
Sometimes the best answer you can give a client to say “No - sorry it is not possible”. But I know that for a good NAV developer that is something we like. But in a case like this, then it’s basically what you should say. If they want this “everywhere”, then it means you need to change it in all pages. That equals a very large number of changed objects, which again means a much more expensive upgrade, or even that the client ends staying on that one version.

So my suggestion is to tell your client that the existing Style options is what is possible. Then you can go add this change as a suggestion to Microsoft on .
But also do expect that these style options are something MS would look into. With the new “Project Madeira” (similar to next version of NAV) improving the visual presentation of NAV, with more images, colors and design options, then I wold say such a suggestion would add to that as well.

Hi Erik,
I was able to get everything working on a Card Page - so it conditionally formats a field, and the options for that are endless. Like Robert said, it isn’t possible to change the list page, which is ultimately what the client wants. I did submit a suggestion to Microsoft, so thanks for the link!
As for now, we did tell our client that it just isn’t feasible. Thanks for taking the time to reach out to me, I appreciate it.