Study materials for MB7-638 - NAV 5.0 Trade & Inventory

Morning all.

I’m having a REALLY difficult time finding study materials for this exam. According to Microsoft, there are two instructor led classes I can take to help me prepare, but there are no classes offered in NC, where I’m from, and I really can’t take the time from work to travel to DC.

I’m trying to access PartnerSource or Customersource, but my email is not the email used by our company to obtain the license. I’ve contacted my sysadmin, but haven’t heard back.

Basically, can someone tell WHAT the study material is? Seriously, Microsoft is extremely unhelpful in this regard. I don’t know if there’s a book, or a manual, or a website or what, but I need SOMETHING to study so I can take this test.


It’s a set of PDF files. There are also e-courses that cover the same material. Note that this will only be available if your company is paying its yearly enhancement fee.

You can contact your NAV Partner to set you up with access to CustomerSource if your company administrator is not helping. You’re taking the right steps, though.

Ok. Thanks for the info.

What if my company ISN’T paying the fee? Am I just SOL?

Just to clarify: I’m taking the initative to pass this exam on my own. My company has been talking about sending me to our home site overseas for training, but I’d feel better if I could pass the exams instead.

So if it turns out I don’t have access to Partner/Customersource…am I screwed? Are there other training materials available somewhere else I could access?

If your company pays maintenance fee, you are eligible to access all available training materials on CustomerSource for free.

BUT - the training materials can also be BOUGHT, in case you do not have access to CS. Those are not cheap, price is somewhere around the level of instructor-led training, but you get the docs and in some cases a dedicated CRONUS database for practice. Trainings at training centers usually last 2-3-5 days and that is all - if later you don’t have the possibility to “train” and practice on your own, it may cause problems.
I haven’t heard about cases, when a complete beginner could pass the certification exams just after a couple-day training session… Usually people have already a practical background with Navision --BTW, measurable even in years, not months, not to speak about DAYS-- and then they go for additional trainings, which in short period go through everything associated with course theme.

Okay. Where can I buy the trainings? (Last ditch effort sort of thing.)

I’ve been working with Navision for about six months, mainly focusing on Purchasing, which is why T&I seems to be the best fit for me right now.

I’m planning to talk to my company about my desire to take the exam in the hopes that they’ll cover the exam fee.

Also, how do I get in touch with my NAV partner? I’ve seen that mentioned a couple times, but I’m not really sure how I’d go about contacting them.

You as an individual can not buy the materials - here we come back to that NAV partner

It is the company, which sold and implemented NAV to your company. Your boss / IT Dept knows who they were and how to contact them. Usually the NAV partner can offer training and/or sell the materials (actually buy them from MS on your behalf).

To some extent it is even Partner’s DUTY to provide training, but if the initial contract for any purpose didn’t include that --low budget or whatsoever-- , they will charge for that additionally.

Well, I contacted our guy in charge of Navision. Unfortunately, he’s on paternity leave, but hopefully I should get access soon.

Thanks for the help guys!