Stuck check help...pleeease

Hi, I am not an experienced NAV user and had a problem with a check run. One check to Best Buy was paying off over 30 invoices so the remittance information all printed on checks #10885 - #10888 and NAV printed the actual check info on blank paper, but in NAV it recorded the actual check as #10889. I then voided ck #10889 because I couldn’t reprint it on my blank #10889 check stock.

Now I would like to print this check to Best Buy again, but using ck#10890 since #10885 - #10889 are voided in NAV. However, when I go to Payment Journals NAV still shows ck#10886 which I find odd since I believe its voided.

What do I need to do to clear out ck #10886 and print this check to Best Buy using my next good ck # 10890?

Much Thanks