structure related


Eg., A Perticular order has a structure for charges.
the order has 2 items to be purchased, then thru the Line–> Structure details we can enter different percentages for each item in calculation value.
after this calculate str and post the grn.
In invoice when i get receipt lines then the values entered in order level will be dissapeared!!!
I will have to enter the calc values again the same way n calc str once again!!!
hope u get my problem!!! Brick wall

I’m sorry, I have absolutely no clue what you’re talking about.

What is “str” and “grn”?

After you call get receipt lines, how much of the information is correct?

Well I don’t really understand the problem either, are you talking about a Purchase Order line value of a field?, if this dissapears on invoice… exists this field on the invoice with the same Id?