Structure for Scenario as mentioned for Discount Calculation

Dear All,

Can someone Suggest how to create a Structure for below mentioned Scenario:-

Rutoz Structure

Qty 100
Unit Price 100
Line Amount 10000 = 100 * 100
5% CD 500 = 10000 * 5%
Amount after CD 9500 = 10000 - 500
RUTOZ Discount(3%) 285 = 9500 *3%
Amount After Rutoz 9215 = 9500 - 285
Tax on Amount 9215 460.75 = 9215 * 5 %
Amount to Customer 9675.75

In Structure Tick on Include Discount field…

I have created a Structure as mentioned in attached Structure Excel.

I want an Accounting Entry Through the Structure as :-

Customer Dr.

Cash Discount Dr.

Rutoz Discount Dr.

Tax Cr.

Sales Cr.

Through the Structure as i have created, Rutoz Account is hitting Twice, Once Debit and Credit.

Kindly provide the solution.
Structure.rar (7.1 KB)

Have you mention any account in Strucutre ???

Yes i have mentioned the Account for Cash Discount and Rutoz

Is cash discount account and rutoz discount account same…

No, Different Account.

I have attached an Excel File .

Why to select account in strucutr for discuount

Why not use Inv.Discount Amount and line discount in header and line

I want to create a Structure through which i can calculate Rutoz Discount at 3% automatically in Haryana State.

We have already customized for Cash Discount that in case Customer have the Credit Balance then 5% Cash Discount will be calculated. I want a Structure as per the Calculation i have mentioned at very first Thread.

Hello Amol,

Kindly suggest for the same.