structure card - >Header / Line .

Hi ,

In structure card there is field called Header / Line .

when it gone to help it tells

Header/Line: Specify whether the Tax/Charge being defined, is applicable
for the Order/Lines or not. The various available types are:
• Header
• Line

i created a structure and i keep changing the values in the field Header / Line , but i could not find any differernce.

So could u explain what is the actual difference between these two .

Give practical example on this .

Thanks and regards

Hi Ameen,

What is the Structure Card? If it’s functionality which is part of a localized version, then please tell us what country, then it will be easier for the other members to help you.

Thank you.

Thanks Erik,

My environment is Nav 4.0 sp3 IN Localization

Sorry to write like that.

In purcchase order / Sales order - there is a field called Structure .

When u go inside there is a field called Header / Line.

I am asking about this field.

I hope i explain this time what i am expecting .

Thanks and regards