STRMENU Max Length

I have writtena piece of code that creates a comma separated options string for use with the function StrMenu. When I run this with a large list I get the error “The text ‘’ is too long. The list of options can have a maximum length of 400 Characters” But if I do a Message(Format(strlen(text1))); I get 297!!! I work that out to be 103 less than the maximum. So why the error? Anyone know? Cheers Tony

Hi Navision adds for each item a checkbox and a space. Perhaps this is the reason why you get an error[?] How much items do you have on your list? bye André

maybe it’s a text constant with multiple language texts… maybe…

I have managed to get it to show up to string length 290. It is a Global that has no ML so that is not the problem. I don’t think that it using a checkbox and a sapce cause the problem as this would be dynamically created by the functionality and not as part of the string. Weird! Anyone else had this problem? I might just create an interative loop and if the user click’s the cancel it will throw up another list and keep doing this until there are no more options or the user has not selected an option!