String limitation in Navision Attain

Hi everybody, I have a problem handling strings in Navision. I need to read data from an XML-node, which I want to write in a Stream object. Because of the length of the string value from the XML node is over 250 (could be 1000 characters or more), I get an error. Here is my code: l_recJob.“FA Signature”.CREATEOUTSTREAM(l_ostSignature); l_ostSignature.WRITE(l_autXMLServiceOrder.selectSingleNode(‘Signature’).text); After executing this code, I get the message ‘string buffer too long’… Any help would be appreciated! Thanx in advance, Bas Dirkse Product Manager Mobile ICM-Solutions

Hi, String variable length can be upto 1024 characters in Navision.

hi Why dont you read the data from the file in chunks of 250 characters. and i dont think Navision string can be 1024 character long. WR

Yes, variable length can be up to 1024 characters, at least in Version 3.60 Greetings, Frank

Sorry, i tested it just now and it works fine[xx(] Hari

Peter, Do I understand correctly? Are you trying to transfer data from a blob field in a Navision table to the text value of an XML node or the other way around? Chirs.

The other way around Chris