String Function.

Is there any function to convert the string into Initial Capital.

like : ‘NAVISION’ into ‘Navision’.

I searched but couldnt find some thing.

txYourVar := UPPERCASE(txYourVar);

Sorry but i dont want uppercase.

I want Initial letter capital.

i.e. if i have (‘NAVISION’) as a string

i want to convert it to (‘Navision’)

What about LOWERCASE in conjunction with UPPERCASE?


i think, the question is to make Initial letter capital, but the rest stay lower case - cmiiw. if so, then you, e.g. tx is ‘NAVISION’ or ‘navision’ or ‘nAVISION’ etc…


the result will always ‘Navision’

It is working thomas another thing plz if you can help on this.

i have a string value like this "/ADDIDAS/BLACK"

I want to get the color from this string that is the second value BLACK.

How can i achieve this.

Check the SELECTSTR function. To use it you’ll need to convert the slash to comma.

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