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HI all,

In Purchase Order Report i want to show description as below.

Item Id Description

101 Sport Shoe 101 (I need to display Description with ItemId)

How to do give idea.


You can use the following syntax in order to concatenate the item name & item Id.

strfmt("%1 %2",itemName,itemId);

itemName is the variable containing item’s name value.
itemId is the variable containing item’s Id value.

You can simply write a display method and use itemId + itemName(fields or methods)

Have a alook at itemId method in \Reports\PurchPurchaseOrder\Designs\Standard\Generated Design\Section Group: VendPurchOrderJour\Body:BodyVendPurchOrderJour\Section Group: VendPurchOrderTrans\Body:BodyVendPurchOrderTrans\Methods\itemId