where will we use STRCHECKSUM functions in nav

Just look at this link

Here you will get all explanation about the Nav functions.

And also for this case: ever thought using Google/Bing to search for “NAV STRCHECKSUM”? You will get perfect results to help you further.

Hi Mahesh,

I’m sorry if you feel that the other repliers didn’t really answer your question. I’m sure that you already used Search and found out How to use the STRCHECKSUM function. I see that you ask “where we will use the STRCHECKSUM functions”.

Often when you are using an “official” number, such as an EAN number or many government numbers (e.g. social security numbers), then the last digit is a so-called CHECKSUM. Please read here for more information about checksums. Different numbers may be using different modulus to create the checksum digit.

When you know what check-sums are, then you can use the STRCHECKSUM function either to generate or to validate a number where a checksum digit is used.