Strange Problem!

Hi, We have quite strange problem since yesterday: 1. Time to log in is very slow (2-3 min) on some of computers in the network. This is not constant per computer. It can be 2-3min or 1-2 sec on the same computer at different time. 2. Sometimes Navision Stops with message TCP/IP error. The user remains in the system as active user. Have you ever had such problem? Edited by - Valentin Gvozdev on 2001 Jun 06 21:59:47

Its sounds like a network problem. Check out your traffic, and see if some computer or some external device (Electricity) generate network traffic. Product Manager

Hello. This is definitely a networking issue. Please note any changes. Here’s what I’ve experienced: 1. Navision was installed on a new server 2. The server changed domains 3. The server has a new IP address 4. The name of the server which Navision is installed changed. 5. There was some change made to the hosts file. 6. A new application was installed that consumes most of the bandwidth available. 7. There’s a bad network card or hub sending lots of traffic. Please try the following: When opening the client enter the IP address instead of the name. If this works you know that most likely there’s a problem with name resolution. You have two options 1. Make or correct the entries in the hosts file 2. Direct navision through the use of the IP address in the shortcut used for launching Navision. A good network sniffer will be able to tell you how much actual bandwidth is available as well as detect most known networking issues. Michael C.