Strange problem with ODBC

Hi, We are trying to use ODBC with Access. We link Navision table to Access table and everything works fine. We can read information in the Access table. But if we try to sort data by any field we get error message “ODBC–connection to ’{C/ODBC 32 bit}N’ failed. If we go to the end of data we can sort by the field. Any thoughts… (we working with Navision 2.60 database)

Yes I believe we had / have this problem on 2.60. My conclusion is that one must NEVER include a ‘Order By’ clause in an ODBC connected ‘Select’ statement in an application such as Access. I have no idea why, but I always get random junk returned to the query when an ‘Order By’ clause is included. I have just abandoned placing ‘Order By’ in the ‘Select’ and I now sort the rows returned to the query either in Excel or in an Access report.[:D]