Strange permissions problem


In my client, we had recently a ploblem with permissions accessing table 271 that are very strange, the user plofile is irrelevant, even the Super users have this permission error, and their licence have rigth to this table too. They run Navison 2009 R2 in RTC and in 3-Tiers. Our users run only in 2-Tiers and we never had this errors. After a single user syncronization the problem seems solved, but after an all users syncronazation the problem returns. If we get then SQL db_owner permition this problem will be solved too, but we don’t want to get them such permission…

What can we do to solve this permission problem?

Could you please share the actual error message?

Not sure that the issue will go away, but I would suggest setting the security model to Standard, so that you won’t have to synchronize users anymore.

Hi, thanks for your answer, I will try that, but what impact could result of that change? will it cause changes in navision performance?

Ask yourself the opposite question. “Why are you using Enhanced security” was there an actual reason for doing it, did you sit with your partner, analyze your business need and have a genuine reason for doing so. If not then there should be no disadvantage to using standard security.

By the way, Enhanced means “Enhanced complexity and problems” compared to just the Standard complexity and problems. [;)]

LOL, Thanks… tonight i will try change to standard security (this change needs a single user option checked) and tomorrow i will give you some notices if this really solve my problem.

Ok, until Today it steels works without problems, Thanks.

Good to hear you got that to work and thanks for following up [Y]