Strange F8 behaviour

Does anyone know how to fix this? Enter two lines in a PO, with different values for Shortcut Dimension 3 (SD3 for short). Now, go to any other field (say, Description field) on the second line, and press F8. SD3 will also be copied, when of course it shouldn’t. If you move the cursor to the first line and back to the second line, the original value of SD3 is restored. There are two relevant factors: 1. SD3 (like SD4 through SD8) does not exist in the Purchase Line table - it is retrieved from another table, and stored in an array. 2. The F8 key copies all of the previous record (i.e. Rec is assigned to the previous record), even though only one field is displayed differently. So the data used to retrieve SD3 is the data from the previous line (especially the Line No.). Alastair [Note: If you press F8 and Esc, then, staying on the same line, go to SD3, it will look as if SD3 has been copied from the previous line. When you leave the SD3 field, its original value is displayed again.

And SD4, I just realised, not only gets copied from the previous line (it shouldn’t be copied), but when I move the cursor to a different record and back again, SD4 is blanked out.


Originally posted by afarr
different record and back again, SD4 is blanked out.

Because copying does not validate the rec, thereby not creating a record to doc dimension table. Anyway F8 in my Navision only copies active field data?

It is a refresh issue, dimensions 3-8 are in a different table and the refresh between the two is not as good as it could be. Dimensions may appear to be there when they are not. Could use Ctl+Shft+D to insert these dimensions but slow, or refresh after each input - slow. I just put up with it by using up and down arrow to refresh the line.