Strange Error: "The type NavInteger is unknown"

I have created a small piece of code to use SAVEASEXCEL to save a report to Excel and then open it by using HYPERLINK(filename).

But when I do, then I get this error:

The type NavInteger is unknown.

Well NavInteger is also unknown to to, and I have never created any variables with that type. But I guess that something else is going on. Do you have any idea?

Running NAV 2009 SP1.

I haven’t found out what the error actually means, but after opening the Page object again and recompiling it, then the error went away.

But it would still be nice to know what this NavInteger actually is.

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It happened to me a pair of times when doing a GET instruction with messed up order of fields (for example, when doing this)

SalesHeader.GET(mydocno,mydoctype); // Fields are swapped

i am having same error when i rename

I made a mistake in custom table.
Export all the tables in txt format and search:

;Integer ;TableRelation=Customer;