Strange collation problem

Hi everybody, I’ve changed the collation from sql- (Western-European dictionary sort order, code page 1252, case-insensitive, accent-sensitive (52)) to windows-collation (Afrikaans, Basque, Catalan, Dutch, English, Faeroese, German, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese - Case-insensitive, accent-sensitive) I’ve done this because I need to setup a new polish company (and they want to see their own characterset). The convertion went ok. I only have one strange thing (at this moment) : If a user enters the first character of a currency code on a customer card, the computer find always the right currency For example User puts U → computer gives USD User puts E → computer gives EUR User puts A → Normally computer has to give ATS, but the message ‘Currency Code ‘A’ does not exist’ is showned on the screen. I have the same behaviour with the character ‘O’. All the rest seems to be fine. Has anyone seen this behaviour ? or a solution for this behaviour ? Thanks in advance, Have a nice 2005 Nico ( Other information : SQL 2000 - SP 2 Client : 3.70 Build 14555 )

Hi I’ve done some testings and if I’m installing an cronus (standard 3.70), it’s the same. So this means that every company in Europe and America has this problem (working on sql of course) ! Can somebody confirm this ? Thanks in advance Nico