strange behaviour of a user profile


I would like to ask you whether you know about a similar problem that I do have now.
We work in a small Domain with SBS2011, terminal and SQL Server. We’ve got Dynamics AX 2009 installed, about 30 to 35 user are working in AX without problems.
I recently installed a label printer on our terminal server. All our users are able to print Labels on that Printer except of one user with limited user rights. I thought ok, maybe his rights are the problem and I granted him at first step some more rights, after then I moved this user profile to the administrators group.
Did not help, he still keeps getting the same error message like:

error at static call of method for ClrObject.

in the original in German: Fehler bei statischem Methodenaufruf für ClrObject

Anybody know what that means? Where could be the problem?

Many thanks


It means that calling a static method through .NET Interop caused an exception. Please find out which method and and which exception it was.