Straight Line Depreciation not working in 3.60


We have a client who is running the US edition of 3.60 who has reported that Straight Line Depreciation does not work correctly.

They have just noticed that the depreciation value for this month has changed for some of their assets. This is -10.08 this month whereas it was -10.41 and has been since January 2009.

However this is not the first time that this has happened because prior to January 2009 the depreciation value was -10.26 and prior to March 2008 this had another value again.

We believe this to be a standard feature as the system has not been significantly changed in the Fixed Asset module - Does anyone know if this is indeed a standard feature or known issue?

Thank you

Hmmmm… I’ve had many clients with 3.60 (and one still uses this old version), there have never been problems with FA module.

Have you checked if those FA in question haven’t changed depreciation base - some Appreciation / Write-down / Custom1/2 entries?