Storage dimension per warehouse

Can an item have different storage dimensions based on the warehouse it is located?

Thank you


no of course it can’t have this.


No. But can you elaborate your question a little more to understand the requirement and exact process that you are looking for?

It really has more to do with cost, I was just looking for a work around…

But this is the scenario, an item is produced in warehouse 1, and will be sent to warehouse 2 eventually. The produced item then gets used, but send back to warehouse 2 where it would be costed at a lower price because it has been used.

Since it isn’t possible to make that part unused, would it make sense to just permanently change the cost of the item?

we are using standard cost

Hello Mike,

Now the scenario seems more clear to me. Thanks for explaining. You can consider the following.

=> Setup your standard cost item to be dimension based (configuration) and create 2 configurations: 01- Unused, 02-Used.

=> Create and release both the variants into legal entity, default one being 01-Unused initially.

=> Enable the check-box Use cost price by variance under Manage cost\Costing on the release product details. This will allow you to maintain 2 different prices for the variants. Activate the cost price accordingly in Item price form. Lets say 01-Unused ($10), 02-Used ($8).

=> Decide where you want to post the difference after item being used and setup the ledger account for Cost change variance in Standard cost variance of Item posting.

=> When you produce this item at warehouse 1, the cost will be say $10 as per default variant 01-Unused. Later when you move the item to warehouse 2 and you use it there, while again transferring back to warehouse 1 (Assuming you are using Transfer journal) change the configuration to 02-Used. This will set the cost of the item to $8 based on the price we defined**.**

=> Now the system automatically adjusts the cost price on the used item and posts the difference to variance account. So this way you will have count of both Used, Unused items in the inventory and also can maintain different standard cost per variant.

I have tested this scenario in system and it works perfect. You can check and share your thoughts on this.


Kiran Kumar.B

Thank you Kiran, that does work!

Initially we had tried the dimension configuration on the item, but abandoned the idea because we could not do it with a Transfer order (would receive error that the item configuration was not at the receiving location).

However, it was not thought to use a transfer journal. With that solution, we should be able to accomplish our requirement.

Thanks again!