Storage dimension group - Warehouses with WHS and others without.

Hi everyone,

I want to have inside the same Site different warehouses and just one of them must have the funcionality to manage Warehouse processes enabled. The problem is that the same product go through the different warehouses to end up at the one with the warehouse processes enabled. When I transfer the product to a warehouse without locations, the system do not let me post the journal as I create the product with the storage dimensión group which permit to use the warehouse management processes and with this it is mandatory to assign a location to each transaction.

What can I do?


If it’s absolutely not important to have locations in certain warehouses, though, you can just create a dummy aisle and location called “Dock” or “Floor” or something. This would at least allow you to specify a location on the transaction. You can even make that the default issue and receipt location in that warehouse so you never really have to select it.

Thanks Jake. It’s a good help. I’ve tried to activate the default receipt location but I must select it when I create a transfer journal. With a transfer order is not necessary. Do you know if how can I overrride the selection of the location when I do the transfer journal?

Thanks a lot.

The transfer journal you have to “tell” the system where you are getting it from and where you are putting it, it is a journal relocation, not really a transactional processing document. Using the journal you have to pick it each time.

You shouldn’t have to select a location if you enter a default on the warehouse. What do you want to override the selection to?

Hi Jake - the transfer journal is an oddity, you enter the warehouse and it will not pick a “default” location, because you are transfering something from somewhere to somewhere, so it wants you to pick it.