Stopping Duplicate Records on Form...

Hi All… 3.7 here. I am trying to create a form that will only display unique table entries…In the Capacity Ledger Entry table our entries post duplicate times based on certain criteria. We have a field called Pcs Out that represents the amount in WIP going to the next Machine Center…but based on set-up and run times…that quantity may have 5 lines in the ledger. So my quesiton is how do I only show one of those lines? Although there are 5 entries with 1000 for Pcs Out, I only want to show one of those on the form so the next machine knows that 1000 pcs are availbe for run. Please let me know if you want an image of the table to better understand… Thanks, JP

Hi, You can get the various opinion on this topic by searching “Display only unique search results” in this forum.

Ya…I did that already…but not much help as far as forms go, only reports. But I got it to work…had to add a boolean field to the table and now filter on that. Thanks, JP