Stoping over use of system

Is it possible to limit the number of times a user can sign on to Navision to 1 or 2. My company have a lot of people you use a lot of Navision sessions at any 1 time. I would like to limit it to 1 per person. Is this possible?

Yes, but codeunit 1 should be modified. Also remember that if the user session becomes “hang-out” he won’t be able of login. Regards,

What if you want some users (power users) to be able to log in to the system more then once, but normal ‘jack off the street’ users only able to log in once? Thanks

This should be easily accomplished by adding a field to the user setup table and checking the number of active logins against this field. Of course, if there is more than just one company, it get’s a bit more complicated…

What modifications need to be made to codeunit 1 to accomplish this? Thanks in advance

How would you set up the field to check the number of active logins?

In the user setup table, create a field of type Integer, let’s say “Max. Logins”. In CU 1, “LoginStart”, you create a record variable for the Session table (2000000009) and another one for the user setup table. Let’s call the variables SessionTab and UserSetupTab. Then you can do as follows (translated from the German field names, so they might be a bit different on your system): IF UserSetupTab.GET(USERID) THEN MaxLogins := UserSetupTab."Max. Logins" // Integer variable ELSE MaxLogins := 1; SessionTab.SETRANGE("User ID", USERID); IF SessionTab.COUNT > MaxLogins THEN ERROR('Too many sessions'); As I have mentioned before, this only works if there is only one company, because the user setup table has DataPerCompany set to “Yes”. If you have more than one company in your database, you have the following options:

  • Set the DataPerCompany property of the user setup table to “No” (not recommended!!!)
  • Enter the same value for the new field into the user record in each company
  • Create a new table with DataPerCompany set to “No”. Let this new table store the maximum number of logins for each user instead of the user setup table.

Stacy, For the Citrix folks, it is quite simple. Under the published Application properties, go to the Application Limits tab. There you can specify the number of instances you want to allow.

John Under what version of Citrix does this Application Limits Tab appear? Z

Zed, this is in Citrix XP. Are you still using Metaframe 1.8?

John I have opened up CMC and opened up my published applications. Within that are all my published apps, right click on one of them eg the Navision Attain one, and click on properties, and no tab with the name “Application Limits” is visible. I have plenty of others like appliction appearance, location, name and several not associated with application, but not the one u mentioned. Z

Zeb, You are either running 1.8 or XP without the Feature Releases installed. You should upgrade if you are on 1.8. If you are running XP, install the Feature Release Update ASAP. They are on Feature Release 2 now, but the application limits option was first seen with Feature Release 1. Hope this helps. John