Stop watch

I want stop the time how long is a user in a form and write the minutes in a field. If the field is already filled then I must add the minutes. Any suggestions ?? Regards Carsten Weege HUTH Elektronik Systeme GmbH

See TimerInterval Property and OnTimer trigger of the Form Bye

Seems that you need some programming-code in the form-triggers OnOpenForm/OnCloseForm or OnActivateForm/OnDeactivateForm. Take a look at those triggers and the helptext.

Hello, Have a look at the following post and example and I guess you can figure out easily the necessary steps: - the function FinLogIn in Codeunit 1 shows you how to handle time registers and how to insert or midify the existing value. - if you want to store this information in the corresponding table that the form shows add a function to that form and call this function from the triggers OnOpenForm / OnActivateForm / OnDeactivateForm / OnCloseForm - if you want to store that information in a seperate table have a look at the following post which include some example… in fact, this is exactly what you want to achieve. Which user has which record open Saludos Nils