Stop the user to open new Purchase Order


I need to do a modification on user permissions to stop some user to open a new Purchase Order. The actually can do anything else in Purchase Order, modify the line or header, insert new lines modify existing lines etc… they just don’t need to have permission to open a new Purchase Order. I did some changes in User Permissions,:

Table 38 - Purchase Header Read(YES), Insert ( ) , Modify (YES), Delete(YES), Execute( )

Table 122 - Purch. Inv. Header Read(YES), Insert ( ) , Modify (YES), Delete(YES), Execute( )

Form 50 - Purchase Order Read(YES), Insert ( ) , Modify (YES), Delete(YES), Execute( )

Table 51 - Purchase Invoice Read(YES), Insert ( ) , Modify (YES), Delete(YES), Execute( )

But they still can open new Purchase Order.

P.S. These users should open a new Purch. Credit Memo but not Purch. Orders.

Let me start with the last. In standard NAV there’s no way to allow users to create new purchase orders, but not new purchase invoices or credit memos, as they are all in the sales header table (36)! If you need this, then you need to implement a page level access, where you specify a specific access to the pages in mention. Then you also need specify ALL pages, that other users may access. So it’s quite a big job.

That’s why I before also have programmed this into the table. Not a “best practice” solution, but it did the job.

To the setup of their permissions in general, then if you’re using the standard NAV permission sets, then remember that if the user belong to multiple permission sets, then many of these sets may assign permissions to insert into the tables in mention. And if just one set allows the user to edit the table, then he/she can edit it.

Adjusting permissions in NAV have never been easy. So may I suggest that you take a look at NAV Easy Security or NAV Easy Security Light. This way it’s becoming much easier. They even have a free version (Light) that can do most of the work.

As Erik said it is not easy to setup/adjust the permissions in Navision

For above you can do some little customizations.

You can Add field in User Setup ’ Open New PO ’ as Boolean

Check this field when user try to insert record .If it is true then allow user to insert record or else show error message.