Stop Purchase Orders from becoming Ordered Reserved after WO Creation

Issue: When scheduling a WO any items on the BOM that have an open purchase order have a ordered reserved reservation created against them even if the item has enough on hand to satisfy the BOM. The goal is to keep references on SO/TO/WO but avoid reservations against purchase orders.


-We require update marking to be set to standard in order to create references for our related SO/TO and lower level WO’s.

-Turning off the Reserve Ordered items option in warehouse parameters had no affect on the results

-Reservation is set to manual

-Item Model Group Reservation is set to FIFO date-controlled

-Schedule references is on

-Purchase order update marking is set to no

-We are using AX 2012 R2

Any help or input would be greatly appreciated. There is lots of information on how to have reservations but not much on how to not have.

Are line item types on the BOM lines set to “Pegged supply,” or “Item”?


Production Parameters - Production Creation - Reservation. Set this to Manual from Scheduled, that will stop the reservation until you generate the pick if you decide to reserve at pick, however production may complain people keep stealing the stock they need :slight_smile:

You say reservation is manual, but to reserve at schedule implies the production parameter is not set to manual. If it is check the flag on the setup tab of the works order.

Bom lines are set to Line Type: Item

Thanks Adam

It is set to manual when creating the WO which is why it seems like a possible bug. Even when scheduling with reservation set at started it is reserving at schedule. The only time it does not is when I change update marking to No which I cannot do as we then loose all our SO/TO/WO references.