Stop planned order explosion

We have a modification where orders are brought into AX 2012 RTM creating planned orders. There could be many orders for the same product, so we want to have the order brought in as planned orders, but not exploded. This way the planners who import the orders can comnine like orders before they are exploded to their component BOMs. I tried changing the setting in Master Planning, but no matter what I change they still are exploded upon import. Is there some way I can keep them from creating the multiple BOM orders until I firm them to production orders?


Shawn T.

By explosion what do you mean? You mean the related reference orders? I would suggest you amend the import logic not to create the reference orders if this is the case. Nothing in AX is doing it because the import is creating them in this manner.

I will look at the import mechanism to see what can be done there. Thanks for your response.