Stockout warning to exclude PO's

I’m not sure, but I think that I remember that I at one point saw an option to include or exclude Purchase Orders (expected qty) in the Stockout Warning. But I cannot find it anywhere. My customer in now way want this to be included! Of cause I could just modify the code to do so, buuuut that’s not what I was hoping for!

Hi Erik Are you sure you are not thinking of the old reservation set-up, this had something similar in it, but not of course to do with stock out warnings. Don’t recall expected po’s being taken into consideration for stock out warnings myself. Steve

Nope. There was never such an option either in Financials or Attain.

Correct. I used the debugger and there was no option to do that!

Hi Erik So where on earth did you see the option? Not moonlighting with another product? [:D] Steve