Stock Variation in Item Group

Could anyone explain to me what the stock variation and the charge fields are for on the item group, purchase order tab.

I have just posted a purchase delivery note, then an invoice against a standard costed item and it posted to these 2 accounts when I posted the invoice and I can not work out why

Hi Carlaine,

I typically use those accounts for companies that follow the nature of expense accounting method. Different from the standard accounting procedure to post purchases of items on balance sheet accounts (inventory accounts), some companies - especially in Europe - directly post any purchase to expense accounts (debit: expense account (P&L), credit: accounts payable). At the end of the months, these companies do a stocktaking and post a manual adjustment journal (a) if stock levels increase: debit inventory account, credit income account (P&L) or (b) if stock levels decrease: debit expense account (P&L), credit inventory account. Rather than doing those postings manually at the end of the month, some companies want dynamics ax to do those postings automatically ‘in the background’. That’s one option for what I use those accounts for.

Hope it helps.



Hi Ludwig

How to do the setup, then AX can post PO to charge&Stock Variation account ?


Open the AP parameters, invoice section and select the parameter ‘post to charge account in ledger’. Then setup some accounts in the charge and stock variation section. Post a purchase order and check the postings.


Hi Ludwing

Got it. Thanks very much.