Stock value report (Data source)?

Dear Pros!

Still a rookie I have a simple question.

How can I identify where the data for the “stock value report” come from?

I want to retrieve the data in raw format directly via SQL

Best Ian

Stock value report is a configurable report, based on the selected configurations it picks the data from the different inventory related tables.

for inventory related information it uses \Data Dictionary\Views\InventValueReportView, which further has views in it.

if you go into a deeper level, you can see the main data sources used in it.

InventTrans, inventtransOrigin, InventSettlement, InventSum, InventTransPosting…

Look at inventvaluereport* classes and analyse the related views to understand better about this report.

Hey Kranthi,

thanks for your help again. I’ll dick deeper on this Topic on my side.

I grab the Chance and ask another question:

Where can i Import pure accounting data via CSV, XLS into AX?!

Best, Ian